Architecture - Second Gate of Tsinghua University

In 2021, Neatrition donated 1 million yuan to Tsinghua University, and "Black technology super self-cleaning materials" was a gift for the 107th birthday of Tsinghua University

 "Neatrition" donated invisible coating agent for Tsinghua Qingsheng, his Alma mater, and sprayed it on the "Second school gate", so that it is no longer afraid of dust, rain and other stains, and maintain white and shiny for a long time.


Due to rain and weathering, the second gate of Tsinghua University has been defaced in recent years. The campus management Center is scheduled to repair and paint the second school gate from March 29, 2018 to April 22, 2018, according to the teacher of the repair center, this is not the first time that the second school gate has been repaired, about 8-10 years ago, the second school gate has also been repaired once.

"Neatrition" (the winner team of the first Tsinghua University "President's Cup" Innovation Challenge) contacted the school repair center as soon as they saw the news, donated the invisible coating agent product, and sprayed it on the surface of the second school gate. In this way, the second school gate will not be afraid of dust, rain and other stains, and can maintain a white and shiny appearance for a long time.

清华大学效果.gif    清华校门效果图.gif

       The repair, in addition to the overall painting, repair bricks "calcification" "powder", repair cracks, deal with dust, loose and other problems, different from the past repair, the new version of the second school gate also added Neatrition's "black technology". Invisible coating agent product is a kind of super hydrophobic nanomaterials, super hydrophobic technology as an emerging frontier technology, has a wide range of application scenarios, can solve the industrial users and ordinary users of all related objects surface super waterproof, dust, ice, snow, corrosion, anti-microbial adhesion, anti-condensation and other cleaning and maintenance problems!

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Now it has finished its "makeup" and returned in a better posture. Friends and tourists can take photos in front of the second school gate again.

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