Anti-bacterial&ivirus water-based peelable protective coating


Anti-bacterial&viral water-based peelable protective coating is composed of polymer materials and water, which is non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly, and has antibacterial and antivirus functions.

After the coating is fully dried, a barrier film with anti-bacterial and anti-virus will be formed on the surface of the substrate, which can effectively isolate the pollution of the protected object by viruses and bacteria. When the protected object needs to be applied, the protective layer can be easily peeled off.

It is mainly used for the exterior of all items that need temporary protection. It can quickly form a protective film and prevent bacteria and viruses, and can be easily removed when not needed.


1. Substrate treatment:
Before construction, use high-pressure air to clean the dust on the surface of the protected object, so that the surface is free of dust, oil, rust spots, water and other pollutants. Stubborn stains should be washed away with water and wait for the surface to dry. It is recommended to clean the surface with a dry cloth after washing with water to avoid water marks.

2. Construction: Use the low pressure air spray gun recommended by Neatrition, spraying is recommended 1-2 times!

3. Construction conditions:
(1) Avoid painting in rain, snow and wind.
(2) The outdoor temperature of the construction site should be above 10 ℃. Low temperatures will seriously affect product performance. Sun exposure helps maximize product performance. It is recommended to complete the construction during 9am to 4pm.