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High speed anti-collision wall surface maintenance   High speed acoustic wall surface maintenance         High speed guardrail surface maintenance

Highway guardrail, anti-collision wall is seriously polluted, that is, it will affect the beauty and cause pollutants to corrode the guardrail, and it needs regular maintenance. The highway sound insulation wall also needs to be cleaned from time to time to ensure the sound insulation effect!


Automobile exhaust, industrial exhaust gas and dust in the air in the urban traffic environment will accumulate on the display screen, and further dust will be combined with water vapor or rain in the air into mud or block pollutants, and attached to the outdoor LED display screen, on the one hand, affecting product brightness and ornamental; On the other hand, the long-term attachment of pollutants will further corrode LED beads and other electronic components, eventually causing the failure of the LED display and shortening the service life of the product.