Goggles No Longer Fog! Neatrition Donates 85 Hospitals

 News     |      2020-04-10 08:17:35

Goggles No Longer Fog! Tsinghua Alumni Enterprise "Neatrition" Donates 85 Hospitals

Report from Tsinghua University
The front lines of the new epidemic of coronavirus disease affect the hearts of the people across the country.

The beautiful faces of those retrogrades remain in each of us.

Today, the frontline health care workers face the huge challenge of goggle lens fogging.

In response to this situation, Neatrition, an alumni company founded in Tsinghua Science and Technology Park, and the brands all of the world, urgently contacted hospitals and fever clinics across the country, donated nearly 10,000 glasses antibacterial and anti-fog cloths for free to solve the fog problem and return them a clear world.

White soldiers, you protect the world, and the Tsinghuans will do our best to protect you!

Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital assists the first-line doctors in Wuhan in goggles.

Wearing thick, airtight protective clothing, they fought on the front lines and "closest contact" with patients.

Wearing a mask for a long time makes the goggles becomes a layer of mist quickly.

Unclear vision brings great challenges to the work of white soldiers.

Huang Shu, Army Medical University medical team members, head nurse of otorhinolaryngology head and neck surgery, Daping Hospital (Source: People's Network)

Huang Shu wrote in the "Diary of the War Epidemic" after the goggles and face masks were fogged, they could only draw blood by experience.

37 blood samples were drawn in 120 minutes without any mistakes, but it usually takes only one minute to draw a blood sample.

In addition, goggle fogging is more likely to breed bacteria, which is very harmful!

Learning about it, Neatrition and domestic and foreign brands took quickly actions.

So far, 85 hospitals and fever clinics have been donated, nearly 10,000 pieces of antibacterial and antifog cloths, including Wuhan Jinyintan

Hospital, Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University, Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shandong Provincial Police Officer General Hospital, Tianjin Teda Hospital, and Hebei Shenze County Hospital, etc. 

The traditional anti-fog material uses the principle of "soap water", which is hydrophilic and not waterproof. It is only anti-fog for a short time and is more likely to adhere to bacteria.

As a leader in the industrialization of superhydrophobic technology, the high-tech materials developed by Neatrition not only have excellent anti-fog effect for a long time but also anti-bacteria and anti-bacteria, and meet National Standard for Medical Grade and Product Quality Standards. 

Under the condition that the temperature is higher than -5℃ and the humidity is moderate, the anti-fog glasses cloth can be used 80-120 times (Do not wash), and the anti-fogging effect can last for more than 5 days after each use.

Now, Neatrition has launched the "LUCESION" brand. Do our best to produce during the epidemic to ensure sufficient supply.

Contribute Tsinghua people’s efforts to the frontline medical workers!

The first-line doctor with antibacterial and anti-fog glasses cloth

Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, Shandong Third Provincial Hospital, The Second Hospital of Shandong University, Rencheng District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Jining City, Shandong Province ......

Hospitals receiving donations have said the excellent effect of antibacterial and anti-fog glasses cloths helped front line medical staff.

How many angels in white fell to the front line to protect the world.

However, they are also children, mother, husband, etc. 

Their retrograde figure is the most beautiful in our hearts.

Please take care of yourself! Tsinghua people will do our best to protect you!

Neatrition is the champion of the first Tsinghua University "Principal's Cup" Innovation Challenge, incubating enterprises in Tsinghua Science and Technology Park, and Tsinghua x-lab team. The founder Xiao Pengfei is a master of medicinal chemistry from Tsinghua University-Xiehe Medical College. The new nano-hydrophobic
material developed by him has won 2014 Haidian District Entrepreneurship Torch Engineering Project, 2014 Beijing University Excellent Entrepreneurship Project, 2015 Beijing Young Eagle Plan Project, 2015 The fourth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition with outstanding companies in the new material group. According to incomplete statistics, more than 45 enterprises incubated in Tsinghua Science and Technology Park have been involved in product technology, material donation, logistics support, and education science popularization to help fight the "epidemic.", such as Haina Medical Letter, Chinese Online, Spitzer, etc.