Neatrition selected for anti-epidemic new products ofZpark

 News     |      2020-04-10 08:15:04
Two innovative technologies of Neatrition selected for anti-epidemic 

Zhongguancun Science Park released the second batch of lists on anti-epidemic new technologies, new products and new services. The list includes 137 technology products from 86 companies, including temperature monitoring and screening, disinfection and sterilization and purification, medical equipment, AI-assisted diagnosis and treatment, epidemic monitoring analysis and release, big data informatization R & D services, online inquiry, information resource services, automation service equipment, protective materials, hazardous waste disposal and environmental monitoring, virus detection services.
Neatrition has two technology products selected!

A new coronavirus broke out in Wuhan in December 2019 and spread all of the world within a month. Recently, it has been discovered that there are a large number of virus sources in elevator keys and door handles, especially in the public domain of hospitals. According to relevant research, it is found that the virus can survive for several hours on these smooth objects. If the temperature and humidity are appropriate, the virus can survive for several days. For example, research has shown that the new coronavirus can survive up to five days in a 20℃ with 40% humidity. If a virus carrier sneezes, but he/she does not pay attention to cover it, the virus will contaminate the door handles, the elevator buttons and walls. Due to respiratory function of the wall, the smoothness wall of the isolation ward, and the suitable environment, the virus can survive for more than 5 days.

If the next person rubs his/her eyes and picks his/her nose after touching the wall, the virus can spread through this contact. Respiratory infections are usually transmitted by droplets, more often by hands. Therefore, in areas with large viruses, timely anti-virus processing is required.

The research found that the virus would denature and lose its activity within a few minutes after using the two antibacterial and antiviral materials of Neatrition. This technology is necessary for the application of building surfaces in the field of public health. At present, several hospitals and disease control centers have applied these two products to the anti-epidemic front line.

In addition, in order to help doctors solve the problem of goggle fogging, Neatrition has donated more than 30,000 pieces of antibacterial and anti-fog glasses cloth, which have been used by nearly 200 hospital front-line staff.
Being able to contribute to this epidemic is the responsibility of our innovative technology companies!