Neatrition launches a new logo

 News     |      2021-12-17 14:21:37

In December 2021, Neatrition Technology launched a new LOGO and new image, refreshed the new corporate brand image with "Neatrition Technology Neatrition Life", as always maintain the principle of science and technology first, while radiating the vitality of healthy life, always adhere to the commitment of product oriented and service first. Start again with a fresh attitude.


Neatrition Technology has focused on the research and development and manufacturing of nano new materials for 7 years, in the context of the era of "specialized, refinement, Differential and Innovation", the brand upgrade shows the inheritance of the past and the vision of the future. Behind the new brand, it is a leap in the strategy and vision of Neatrition Technology. 


        As a research-oriented enterprise, Neatrition Technology starts again with a new attitude, from providing scientific research services to helping home health dreams, and achieves green, healthy and beautiful life with a new brand experience. Neatrition Technology originated from Tsinghua University, and always adhere to the pure heart of returning to the society.