Neatrition Super self-cleaning material gets "1 symbol"

 News     |      2022-03-08 14:06:17

On December 31, 2021, two products of Neatrition Company's super self-cleaning material NT004 and super self-cleaning material NT022 officially obtained the "1 symbol" certification. "1 symbol" is the standard & symbol of China's original top technology products and the dialogue with the world, endorsed by leading experts at home and abroad in related industries, Beijing Zhongguancun Standardization Association, China National Inspection Group and other authoritative departments.








Industry experts investigate Neatrition laboratories and factories


 Neatrition factory and laboratory scenes

  Neatrition began the certification work at the end of 2019, after expert reviews, standard discussions, laboratory spot checks, factory field visits, inspection and verification by authoritative departments, engineering field visits and other processes, and officially obtained the certificate on the last day of 2021. On the occasion of the old year and the New Year, the passing of the authoritative certification has set a new benchmark for the global super self-cleaning material industry, and the industry has since ended the situation of no standards! Neatrition related products will also be printed Zhongguancun "1 character" product certification, and continue to provide high-quality products and services for the market for customers, Neatrition team will continue to deepen industry application and research and development innovation, to contribute to the innovation of China's new materials industry.

  Build on past achievements and set new highs in 2022.


    Zhongguancun "1 character" product certification