Xiao Pengfei, founder of Neatrition, won the "2021 China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Award"

 News     |      2022-07-15 13:42:38

Recently, the China Association for the Promotion of Industry-University-Research Cooperation announced the Award of "Innovation and Promotion Award of Industry-University-Research Cooperation of China Association for the Promotion of Industry-University-Research Cooperation" (No. 0191). Xiao Pengfei, founder and chairman of Neatrition, won the "2021 Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Award (Individual)".


The "China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Promotion Association Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation and Promotion Award" aims to encourage and commend advanced units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions in promoting the collaborative innovation work of government-industry-university-research funds. The award, approved by the National Science and Technology Award Work Office, is the highest collaborative innovation award for the industry-university-research community.

Among them, the "Industry-university-Research Cooperation Innovation Award" requires applicants to have the courage to innovate and practice in the work of industry-university-research, and has achieved remarkable results in promoting the integration of industry-university-research and use, with outstanding social and economic benefits, a perfect technological innovation system and successful cases, which has played an important demonstration and driving role for our country to rely on scientific and technological support and accelerate the transformation of economic development mode.

Xiao Pengfei founded Beijing Neatrition Technology Co., Ltd. in 2014, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of nano new materials, and led the team to overcome the technical problems faced by many fields such as anti-icing, anti-bacteria, dustproof and heavy corrosion prevention. Has applied for a total of 20 invention patents, authorized 9; Published 1 SC article. In 2019, in cooperation with the Weishan County government, relying on the scientific and technological research and development advantages of Beijing Yijingxing Technology Co., LTD., combined with local resources and industrial needs, Neatrition (Shandong) Technology Co., Ltd. was established to provide support for the transformation of local old and new momentum, and realize the scale, industrialization and marketization of the application of supersparse technology. The self-developed superphobic nanomaterials have effectively solved technical problems such as bacteriostasis, anti-corrosion, super self-cleaning, and super fluid, and the products have been successfully applied in construction, new energy, nuclear power, military and other fields, filling a number of domestic gaps.

In the future, Neatrition will continue to deepen the integration of "production, university and research", continue to improve research and development capabilities, introduce and cultivate high-tech personnel, uphold the spirit of independent innovation, actively carry out research and cooperation in the direction of "production, education and research", and strengthen core technology innovation and research. Contribute to the construction of a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, the market as the guidance, and the combination of industry, university and research.