Happy news | Neatrition Technology was awarded the "Specialized and new" enterprise of Beijing

 News     |      2022-07-18 09:10:39

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology announced [Notice on the list of the third batch of Beijing Specialized and New small and medium-sized Enterprises in 2022], and Beijing Neatrition Technology Co., LTD. (" Neatrition Technology ") was successfully selected.



What is the definition of a "specialized and new" company?

Specialized”That is, products with strong specificity, obvious professional characteristics and strong market professionalism manufactured by special technology or process through specialized production;

Refinement”That is, according to the concept of excellence, the establishment of fine and efficient management system and process, through fine management, carefully designed and produced excellent products;

Differential”That is, products with special functions developed and produced by unique processes and technologies;

Innovation”That is, high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights developed and produced by means of independent innovation, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, joint innovation or introduction of digestion, absorption and re-innovation.

      "Specialized and new" small and medium-sized enterprises are focused on market segments, strong innovation ability, high market share, master key core technology, quality and efficiency of the leading enterprises, is an important force to promote economic and social development!

Why is Neatrition Technology selected?

Neatrition Technology was born in Tsinghua University, is Zhongguancun & national high-tech enterprises double high new enterprises, is committed to solving the surface cleaning, maintenance and other problems, is the world's new nano materials in the field of (super) hydrophobic technology leader. At present, it has 20+ core invention patents, and has jointly formulated 4 relevant standards with Zhongguancun Standardization Committee. The performance of Yijingxing nanomaterials has reached the forefront of the world, surpassing foreign competitors, filling a number of domestic gaps, and achieving large-scale promotion and application. The market practice has proved that it can significantly improve the service life of the product and reduce the maintenance cost. The product can be widely used in many production and life application scenarios such as waterproof, dustproof, snowproof and oil proof. As a developer and manufacturer of high-tech materials, Yijingxing can also provide customized solutions according to different application scenarios of customers. At present, its product applications have covered many fields such as transportation, electric power, military industry and manufacturing industry.

Since its establishment in 2014, Yijingxing has been committed to the super (sparse) nano material industry, always adhere to the "refined, the pursuit of excellence" product development and production concept, adhering to the "scientific management, honest service" policy goals, and fully establish a new product quality management system.

       In the future, Beijing Neatrition Technology Co., Ltd. will give full play to the leading role of specialized new enterprises, will continue to assume the responsibility of innovators and leaders in the super (sparse) technology industry, and is committed to the industrialization of more cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, to provide better products and industry solutions, and is committed to becoming a world-class leading new materials enterprise.